Kelly Heslin '15 completes a climb in Utah during the adventure education fall block course

GMC Students & Faculty Attend AORE Conference
Green Mountain College was represented at the annual conference of the Association of Outdoor Recreation and Education in Snowbird, Utah November 7-10 by 30 faculty, staff, students and alumni.

GMC Assistant Professor Nate Furman presented a session entitled "Can We Really Teach for Transfer?" The presentation was directed towards outdoor educators and administrators who hope to facilitate learning transfer for their students. The presentation was based on Furman's own research, the seminal works of both Baldwin & Ford (1988) and Burke & Hutchins (2007), and instructional experience. The presentation was attended by 60 people and was co-presented by Mandy Pohja of the National Outdoor Leadership School and Jim Sibthorp of the University of Utah.

Dr. Andrew G. Bentley of Green Mountain College presented “Student to Pro – Developing an Action Plan for Professional Success” with co-presenter, Trevor Fulton of the University of Idaho Outdoor Program. Together they facilitated over 50 conference participants through a strategizing framework to identify, define, and prioritize personal objectives needed for achieving professional employment positions in the outdoor recreation field. Using personal reflection and round table discussions, participants then developed individually tailored plans for their future professional paths.

Director of Adventure Programs Bruce Saxman and GreenMAP Leader Nick McEachern presented “Exploring the role of Certification in Outdoor Programs” to over 60 conference attendees. The presentation reviewed survey data from AORE members regarding certification use, and examined ways certification courses can be integrated into outdoor leadership training.

Nick McEachern also presented “Student-Led Academic Course Creation: A Case Study from Green Mountain College” based off the experience of designing the spring 2012 independent study course "Adventure Literature and Film." The presentation gave attendees the tools and encouragement needed to develop their own independent study or self-directed course. Attendees were also able to create a course they might be interested in proposing.

Nate Furman was recognized for his contributions to the Research and Publications Committee.

Green Mountain College Travels to Ireland
Shirley Oskamp and Gary Lindorff will be leading students on a pilgrimage of Ireland this spring semester to explore the rich historic, cultural, and religious dimensions of the country.

The group will travel across Ireland to discover a variety of its sacred and historical sites for students to learn from in person. They will travel as far as the Aran Islands of the north to the historic metropolis of Dublin. Along the way and included in the landmarks visited, the group will have the opportunity to speak and learn from native historians with deep knowledge of the culture.

Some other sites that will be explored include Newgrange and Hill of Tara, rich in mythology, and the picturesque Killarney and Dingle Peninsula. The course is offered as a three-credit course in Religion or History with a course fee that will cover the cost of flights, transportation, housing, and meals.

An application is required and the group will be traveling May 14 to 29 this coming spring. For more information or any questions, contact Shirley Oskamp by email at

GMC Honors Veterans
Veterans Day was Sunday, November 11. In response to an invitation from the Wellness Center to share the names and pictures of those who served, the following names and comments were posted by members of the GMC community, on the Honor Board in the dining hall.

Pablo Laboy, José Vázquez Lopez, André Baudinet (WW II), Fernand Baudinet (WWI, WWII), Byron Emerson Dunham, Oscar Emerson Dunham, Michael P. Murphy, Mike Sanchez, Richard Merkis, Crazy Eric, Satch and many more loved ones, Charles Serby, George Forester (my great grandfather who served in WWII and Vietnam, love always, and my HS teacher Mr. Lee who recently returned from a year in Afghanistan), Aldei Francois Martel, Bernard Bodo, Rob Carey-Von Pelt, Ruben Vargas, Josh Lopez, Emil Stefanik, Evan Wronski, Daniel Ignacious Fisher (prison of war), Shawn O’Grady (Air Force, 12yr), Sean O’Grady (Air Force, 9yrs – both still serving), Sheila Jurnak, Gerardo Gutierrez, Charles Nastor, my cousin Jonathan, William P. McKanna (WWII), Erik Kenas (first and second Gulf wars), Clifford Burton, John E. Seamans, H.K. Allen, James Briggs, Leo Morand, James Sicard, Michael Ruhf, Justin O’Grady, Katie Kaveny and nephew Soren, Charlee Forshee, Peter Forshee, Matthew Forshee, and Don Cornett.

Green Mountain College Theater Program Presents Proof
The 2001 Pulitzer Prize Winner of Drama is an intimate play with a small cast focusing on the emotional upheavals of loss and self-discovery. The play also won a Tony Award for Best Play and was adapted into a movie in 2005.

The play centers on Catherine (played by first year student Emma Jeanne Page) after the death of her father Robert (played by Jack Sinclair) who was a brilliant mathematician and University of Chicago professor who suffered from mental instability later in his life. Soon after his death, Hal (played by Ernie Klepeis), a former student of Robert and Catherine’s boyfriend, finds a mathematical proof that he assumes was Robert’s work. Catherine declares that it was her work, having inherited some of her father’s genius herself, but is not believed by Hal or her sister Claire due to Catherine’s own instability.

Throughout the play, Catherine struggles with the fear and possibility of following her father’s footsteps in career and mental illness while trying to pave a life of her own, separate from the presence of her father that pervaded her whole life.

The play is being directed by Ben Jankowski and co-directed by student Molly Miller-White. Proof plays in Ackley Theater Friday, December 7 and 8 at 7 p.m., and Sunday, December 9th at 2 p.m.

Remembering Let It Go
For an artist, the end of an exhibition must be like a small tragedy. The product, so carefully planned, arranged and presented, will never be reconstructed in quite the same way. When an exhibit is dissembled, a door closes forever on the moment in time when the artist establishes a connection with the viewer. All that’s left is memory.

The transitory nature of art and its reliance on memory were a few of the ideas prof. Cuni (visual arts) and her undergraduate assistant Toma Cernea-Novac ’14 grappled with in a recent exhibit To Let it Go, To Let it Go, part of the Feick Arts Center’s recent faculty show.

The exhibition was challenging in its complexity—components included Cuni’s oil painting Natura Immorta III, a video presentation showing images of the painting as it developed from start to finish, a literary prompt from the Mary Oliver poem “In Blackwater Woods,” and a related installation in a study room on the second floor of Griswold library.

Cuni described Toma, who is studying philosophy and art through the College’s progressive program, as a true collaborator. “He really helped solve some of the basic conceptual and practical problems with the piece,” she said.

The multi-venue exhibit was one way to break free from the confines of a group show—the variety of media presented in one space can break down the context each individual piece deserves. more...


Career Corner
Web Resources for Career Exploration

Before the post-turkey tryptophan kicks in, pick up that laptop or smartphone and start surfing for your future! Below are some great career related (and fun) sites to check out:

1. — Rich DeMatteo, AKA Corn on the Job, is a globally recognized Career Expert, Gen Y Career Coach, and Social Media Marketer. Check out his blog for useful tips on how to geo track employers and have job opportunities sent directly to your phone.

2. — Their mission is to equip job seekers like you with the advice, research, and inspiration you need to plan and achieve a successful career. Whether it be diversity in the workforce, interviewing skills, or networking, you are bound to pick up a few helpful tips.

3. — Youtern enables young talent to become highly employable by connecting them to high-impact internships and mentors – and through contemporary career advice found on our blog, The Savvy Intern.

By the way, if you haven’t “liked” GMC Career Services on Facebook, what are you waiting for?

Free Thanksgiving Feast
GMC Student Senate will be holding their second annual free Thanksgiving feast featuring Dale's Gobbler and Venetian sandwich! The feast will be happening today, Monday, November 19 at 6 p.m. at Tap's Tavern on Main Street. There are 150 free Gobblers and 50 free Venetians including chips. First come, first serve. People were turned away last year, so get there early!

Cerridwen Farm Food Orders
Cerridwen Farm is accepting orders for Thanksgiving vegetables and meat. This is your chance to bring home produce grown on your campus for your holiday meal. Please email orders to Meiko Lunetta by Monday November 19. Vegetables will be ready for pick-up in the CSA barn from 12 – 5 Tuesday afternoon. The following are available:

Potatoes: $1/lb
Winter/butternut/pie pumpkin/buttercup, acorn, delicata Squash:$0.75/lb
Turnips: $1/lb
Beets: $1/lb
Cabbage: $1.50/lb
Spanish Black Radish: $1/lb

Grass-fed beef
Ground: $5/lb
Roasts: $7/lb
Asst. Steaks: $9/lb

This is likely the last time we will have vegetables for sale this year and most of these store well, so think about stocking up for the winter!

And as usual, our vegetables are grown without chemicals or fertilizers utilizing oxen and student power!

Food, Energy & the Environment Film Series
Films will be shown every Tuesday through December at the Tiny Theatre on Main St. as part of the Food, Energy, and the Environment film series.

There is a $2 suggested donation for those who are not yet members of the Tiny Theatre.

This Tuesday, November 20 at 7 p.m., the Tiny Theatre will be showing the documentary: Eating Alaska.

Learn more about Eating Alaska here.

Thanksgiving Break Library Hours
Monday, November 19: 8 a.m. - Midnight
Tuesday, November 20: 8 a.m. - 8 p.m.
Wednesday, November 21: 8 a.m. - noon.
Thursday, November 22: Closed
Friday, November 23: Closed
Saturday, November 24: Closed
Sunday, November 25: 5 p.m. - 1 a.m.
Extended library hours begin 11/25

Holiday Craft Fair
GMC’s third annual Holiday Craft Fair will be taking place on December 7th from 11:30 to 1:30 in the Withey Hall Lobby, put on by the Staff Assembly and the Quality of Life Committee. Students, staff, and faculty will be selling a variety of craft goods in time for the holiday season. Anyone interested in being a vendor should contact Allison Cota ( to reserve a space.

Winter Parking Ban
A friendly reminder from the village of Poultney to all auto owners: the winter parking ban is now in effect. To insure snow removal crews can clear the roads properly, the village traffic ordinances prohibit parking a vehicle unattended within the right-of-way of any street or highway in Poultney or in a public parking lot from November 1 to April 1 between the hours of 11 p.m. and 6 a.m. (The Right-of -Way includes the traveled portion of the highway and the area between the curb up to and including the sidewalk or 25 feet from the centerline of those highways without a curb or sidewalk). Cars violating this ordinance may be towed—vehicle owners are responsible for towing and costs.

  • Christina Fabrey, director of academic support services, was invited to present a workshop at the College Reading and Learning Association’s national conference held in Houston, Texas, on November 7. Faculty and staff from higher education institutions across the country attended Christina’s workshop, which was entitled “From Science to Strategies: Supporting Students with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD).”

  • This past weekend in Las Vegas, prof. Jennifer Powers (education) attended the annual convention of NCTE, the National Council of Teachers of English, where she serves as the co-chair to the Media and Digital Literacies Collaborative. Powers chaired a session titled “Igniting the Classroom With Critical Media Literacy” and helped facilitate the Collaborative’s Film Festival, which screened The Day Carl Sandburg Died, The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore, Half the Sky: Turning Oppression into Opportunity for Women Worldwide, Wham! Bam! Islam, and more. Speakers at this year’s NCTE included Sir Ken Robinson, Lemony Snicket, and Jonathan Kozol, among others.
Ireland Travel Course
GMC Honors Veterans
Faculty/Staff Notes

Men's Basketball
11/20, 7 p.m. vs. Middlebury


Gentle Yoga
2 - 3 p.m.,
Bogue Movement Studio

Vinyasa Yoga
5:15 - 6:30 p.m.,
Bogue Movement Studio

Zazen Meditation
7 - 7:30 p.m.,
Ackley Chapel

4 - 4:30 p.m.,
Ackley Chapel

Thanksgiving Recess Begins
5 p.m.

Film Showing:
"Eating Alaska"

7 p.m.,
Tiny Theatre